The injustice of reproductive rights

There’s a reason why feminists support reproductive choice as strongly as they do. Haven’t you ever noticed how they exclude men from the possible outcomes of pregnancy?

The Cold Hard Truth on Equalizing Reproductive Rights

The unfortunate babies murdered every year because they don’t fit in with mummies lifestyle, are really just collateral damage in a gender war aren’t they?

Simply consider the hypocrisy about gender selective abortion in the UK and abroad – for which feminists actually blame ‘patriarchal’ Asian cultures in which abortion and infanticide are sins. Of course you can refute these claims simply by demographic trends – the gender imbalances in places such as India are not a historical social phenomenon, but modern social problem, and gender selection is a phenomenon among the educated, as new ideas about the unborn reach other cultures from the West, then blend with native ideas as they are received first by cosmopolitan, higher status individuals. The result of this localised westernisation is that a South Asian abortionist realises that there’s no difference between gender selection and any other kind of family planning, even if his or her clinic is in the UK.

You could say that gynocidal abortion in the UK is a bit like homegrown terrorism – invade the world, invite the world, but this time with ideas instead of bombs.

Of course the reason feminists start to bitch like Evangelicals about the abortion only of female children, is because it takes away a stick to bash men with. The observant will have noticed the only male impregnators pro-choicers normally mention are rapists and incestuous dads – their attitude towards men ought to give their game away, shouldn’t it?


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I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

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