Britain’s population problem

Choicetards and the left speak of overpopulation to justify selfish, lifestyles in Britain, but native Britons are actually subject to the real demographic problem now affecting many countries – we’re faced with an aging population through our family size having decreased to below replacement level.

The Fertility Implosion
David Brooks

Westerners love to bash Japan for protectionism and their inspiring, ‘xenophobic’ sense of national pride. But Japan’s real problem is their aging population.

Land of the Setting Sun
Patrick J. Buchanan

Sometimes the most interesting thing about online articles seems to be the comments to them. According to ‘Nergol’:

I’m a serious Catholic, and as pro-life as anybody you’re going to find, but blaming legalized abortion and widely available birth control for Japan’s demographic decline relative to other nations is somewhat unconvincing. One in 15 or so Japanese women has had an abortion. In the UK, about 30% of women have. In the US, it’s about 40%. Japan also only legalized the birth control pill in the last decade or so. So while I’m not saying that isn’t a factor, it doesn’t explain the collapse relative to those other nations.

Incidentally, the statistic for the UK is wrong; only one fifth of British pregnancies actually end by a purposefully induced abortion, and about a third of those are at least the third abortion for the woman. But whatever the moral objections to abortion might be, there’s a need to ask why individuals make antinatalist choices in the first place. Which kind of circumstances contribute to smaller family sizes?

Is modern society actually suicidal? Is there a way we can stop ourselves going extinct by autogenocide, like the Japanese seem to be headed?

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