Is anti-Islam always politically incorrect?

Isn’t it funny how criticism of Islam is ‘politically incorrect’, yet also framed so carefully not to offend anyone the left likes?

In my opinion, people should learn to look at things in three dimensons.

Home-grown freedoms are the strongest
Charles Moore

I’ve left my two cents in a Disqus comment.

Theo Van Gogh was scum like the sleazy Pim Fortuyn, and I ain’t no anti-racis’.

In their idealism and abstract language, coming from educations and backgrounds far from reality, they thought no degree of cultural difference could prevent millions of Moslems from assimilating into their multicult utopia – indeed, they assumed the Moslems would *want* to forget their culture, and buy into the dream.

Right now its obviously gone all wrong, as Moslem immigrants defend their own culture in the West, just as Westerners ought to have done long ago.

Did the Moslems create the immigration policy that brought them here?

Was it Moslems or the left who’ve been responsible for so much censorship?

Keeping Islam here benefits the multicult; anti-Islam benefits the fags and the feminists. The left realise they can’t have it both ways after all, but they can benefit either way by controlling the ‘free’ speech they’re protecting.

Schmidt said “Sovereign is he who decides on the exception.” Isn’t it odd that all criticism of Islam must be framed in terms hostile to religion in general, to be acceptable? That you can bash the Islamic presence in the west for the religion’s perspective on homosexuality or the burqa, but not mention HBD, or demographic replacement?

Really, hypocrites like Theo Van Gogh are every bit as politically correct as the people who brought Islam into the Netherlands – and promoted his sexual tastes.

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I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

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