The media and the Toulouse shootings

Its been reported on the news that over in France an unknown gunman has arrived at a Jewish school and opened fire, killing a rabbi and three students. The phrase ‘anti-Semitism’ is predictably invoked in the media, although the killer and his actual motivations are as yet unknown.

The God of Tolerance
Colin Liddell

I left one of my best comments over at Alt Right:

You do not need to justify the actions of people such as the unknown Toulouse gunman or Anders Brevik, nor agree with their politics (we don’t even know what motivates the Toulouse gunman yet), to realise such actions are a response to our society – the first stirrings of a civilisational gag reflex.

Of course the media misrepresented Brevik as an extremist motivated by racial hatred and Christian fundamentalism, when the real Brevik is an anti-racist opposed to Islam because he’s a secular ‘cultural Christian’ – if Brevik can be called a religious fanatic, then so can Richard Dawkins because he likes singing Christmas carols every year.

The murder of Pim Fortuyn by Volkert ven der Graaf was deliberately misattributed to animal rights activism, a mostly leftist movement but one with some links to the feared ‘far right’ (ie Savitri Devi), when the assassin was in fact motivated by a misguided desire to defend Dutch Muslims from “persecution”.

The infamous ‘Unabomber’ Theodore Kaczynski is a man still considered by many as a left wing nutcase who wishes to abolish all civilisation through the efforts of the media. Yet his ‘Unabomber Manifesto, properly entitled “Industrial Society and Its Future”, is actually a devastating attack upon the political left and the modern society that creates and enables them whilst dismantling the family, rather than some straw man anti-human screed.

The Olympic Park Bomber Eric Rudolf is mispresented by the media as an ‘anti-woman’ religious nutcase who blew up abortion clinics, another straw man created in order to scapegoat America’s ‘religious right’ that hasn’t got the guts. But Rudolf, although a Christian, prefers the philosophy of Freidrich “God is dead” Nietzsche to the Bible, and his views on abortion are merely part of a far wider critique of modern American society – after all, the Olympic Park Stadium was not an abortuary.

Do we see a pattern here?

I won’t believe anything ‘they’ say about about the Toulouse gunman at face value.


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