Three kinds of nationalism

There are said to be three kinds of nationalist – the Civic/Liberal, Racial and Ethnic.

Racial nationalism was espoused by the NSDAP but in practice the Nazis were actually ethno-nationalists. When I see explicitly racial nationalists online, they either seem to be such nutcases I’m not sure they’re really serious, or they’re actually ethno-nationalists who place more emphasis upon the relationship of biological race and genetics to their ethnic identity, rather than downplaying their relevance. Their position makes sense scientifically, in that traditional cultures are the evolutionary strategies of people sharing a common ancestry and genes as extended families.

On the other hand, civic or liberal nationalism makes sense politically (or at least it seems to, to its own proponents). This isn’t only a matter of attracting support from black people who wave the chav flag to prove their ‘Englishness’, but a recognition that the mainstream, Cultural Marxist hijacked left are losing support as the reality of the multicult collides with their idealism and abstractions. How can feminists, homosexual agenda activists and the kneejerk anti-religious be a part of in the same movement as those supporting Islamic values within liberalised societies, where the Moslem presence threatens their past political achievements?

From the perspective of the Cultural Marxist left, the solution is to control both sides of the debate, so that they may continue to set the terms and stand to benefit somehow from all potential outcomes. Upon their well-documented entryism, criticism of Islam begins to shift purely onto grounds that also implicate white culture negatively, because the accusations are always a redirection of established Cultural Marxist critiques of western culture against Islam. Of course all discussion of something as politically incorrect as race has to be disallowed as against equality, as demonstrated by people like Geert Wilders banning the ethno-nationalists from his party.

This censorship is actually very informative because most ethno-nationalists downplay biology more than they need to, or they would be explicitly racial rather than ethnic nationalists. A very strong strain within civic nationalism follows the Cultural Marxist belief that simply identifying with one’s own culture, as opposed to worshipping the symbols and abstractions like “democracy” manipulated by a social elite, is somehow ‘like the Nazis’.

Maybe the best quote of all to illustrate how civic nationalism has been hijacked by entryists comes from Pim Fortuyn.

“I don’t hate Islam. I consider it a backward culture. I have travelled much in the world. And wherever Islam rules, it’s just terrible. All the hypocrisy. It’s a bit like those old reformed protestants. The Reformed lie all the time. And why is that? Because they have standards and values that are so high that you can’t humanly maintain them. You also see that in that Muslim culture. Then look at the Netherlands. In what country could an electoral leader of such a large movement as mine be openly homosexual? How wonderful that that’s possible. That’s something that one can be proud of. And I’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much.”

The point isn’t whether Pim Fortuyn’s criticism of Islam, Protestantism or religion is fair, but the implicitly anti-Dutch sentiment that his own country’s traditional Protestant culture is something ‘backwards’ like Islam, and that it is good (and therefore implicitly forwards, of course) that the leader of a large party such as his, could be so openly homosexual.

Although his being in favour of gay rights issues was at least understandable given his sexuality, Fortuyn expressed his negative attitudes towards authentic Dutch values far beyond his more understandable support for LGBT issues, through his enthusiasm about other Cultural Marxist shibboleths like women’s rights against traditional ‘patriarchal’ men and, of course, the tiresome separation of church and state straw man – which is only useful in a modern western context if you identify your opponents as religious nutters and seeks to crack down on their political freedom with one abuse of a constitution, in itself implying that Fortuyn set homophilic terms to his own beloved Dutch freedom.

Although in fairness to people like Furtuyn and Wilders, if we view ethno-nationalism between two extremes, we must also look where civic nationalism is at least partly right, simply because the other extreme is wrong. We can at least agree with them that there exists no such thing as a genuinely pure race in anthropology and that there’s always been a low level of intermarriage and genetic mixing with outsiders, but the civic nationalists are going way too far by courting and accepting support from blacks, Jews and others – people who clearly feel ties to their ‘blackness’ or to Israel at least as powerfully as they feel drawn to their ‘Englishness’, which is by now an almost meaningless concept defined only by supporting our useless national football team and by abusing St George’s Cross as a low taste fashion accessory. Using such loose standards just about anyone can claim to be assimilated into British culture and society but it doesn’t mean they really are.

If the concept of ethno-nationalism is only the middle ground between ridiculous, unworkable fringe theories and the toxicity of the liberalisers, then its clear that ethno-nationalism is the sane and only option, whilst the lack of an exclusively English consciousness actually forces us away from the civic or liberal direction and towards an emphasis upon ‘cultural whiteness’, even if it must be reinvented from scratch. In the case of a deracinated England, we can neither afford to leave our biological nature out of our politicised identity, nor to downplay its reality too outspokenly. Regardless of how much our identities may indeed be socially constructed, the very reason our ancestors ever had an English identity in the first place, is to reflect that underneath such culture we are what we are.

About skadhitheraverner
I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

6 Responses to Three kinds of nationalism

  1. Name says:

    You are still too intelligent to be a pure Nazi.

  2. Name says:

    When you say such it just means you are still not intelligent enough šŸ˜›

  3. Meydrich Keinhard says:

    “From the perspective of the Cultural Marxist left, the solution is to control both sides of the debate, so that they may continue to set the terms and stand to benefit somehow from all potential outcomes.”

    Good point. And the Far Right is seen as Satanic.

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