I found this great satirical poem online, my sympathy to the dead children and all those negatively affected, and of course to the childless who would have loved to adopt.

But none, of course, to the selfish whores… I guess just nine months and a bit of stretch marks is too much for some careless bitches eh?

But they still get to return home after their ‘difficult decision’ and cry on the shoulders of some revolting, empathic circlejerk. Life’s a bitch itself innit?

The only plus side to abortion is that, as choicetards argue, a lot of these people were not fit to be mothers. Yet, if we take this to its obvious conclusion, the argument cannot be used to support reproductive choice as an effective solution – quite the opposite, pro-choice ideas work to prevent the population being regulated as a commons, without killing children as a means.

Lucy Skipping


Here I lie beyond mischance
In the womb’s long timeless trance.
Here’s my sea and rivers flowing
And they all know where they’re going.
Fruit and blossom, leaf and bough
Live in the summer of the Now.

They tell me there’s a world out there,
But I simply do not care.
Life’s a sickness, yet it comes
And its icy breath benumbs
The souls of millions. What a thorn
In the flesh…this being born!

— Relax, my dear, no need to grieve.
Your luck is in! Here’s a reprieve.
Thanks to the latest liberal views,
Your mother is now free to CHOOSE!
She’s made her choice: the vacuum pump,
The fetus bin, the garbage dump!

Why aren’t we supposed to judge other people’s reproductive choices, like the above?

Why aren’t we even supposed to see it?

Is it too thought provoking? Would it disprove the feminist myth of violent males and loving mothers?

Or will it stir too many guilty consciences?


About skadhitheraverner
I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

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