NRTs, heredity and eugenics

Sometimes I read someone else’s Disqus comments online and I feel like repeating them, because they stand out by making sense.

This was posted on the Telegraph’s website by someone called ‘eighteen’ about NRTs and eugenics.


“Science will attempt to cure things that many do not see as illnesses, the Asperger community does not wish to be “cured” as they do not think there is anything wrong with them, that is just one sensible example of science meandering in to “cure”.

The ideal of what is “best” is different between people and cultures, use of this tech would streamline the ideal a dangerous place to be. Not to mention that many disabilities might aid the human race in the future, when we evolved our ape like brethren may have thought us disabled, giving everyone the same gene structure may hamper further evolution. People with sickle cell anemia have immunity to malaria the rest of us do not, if we remove certain minor disabilities we might remove humanities best defence its protection.

Of course I must mention the elephant in the room, this is simply eugenics being forced onto the populace, With this power a lunatic could force the children to be in the image of how he deems fit, be that all white with blond hair, removing the disability of free thought ect.

Of course what if a doctor decided for his own nefarious reasons, to produce a child with brilliant athletic abilities but with the morality of a complete psychopath, just to see what would happen, stronger and faster than his peers.

Disabilities can be veiwed both way, most people with aspergers do not wish to be cured, but the doctor would surely advise they be prevented from getting it. Once this law goes through there will be nought to stop more and more engineering untill we eventually end up with a produced race, of Slave workers.

If you have a disability its irresponsible to breed, Do not try and fiddle with the code of life, or even to allow others to do the same, so you can satisfy a selfish need.


About skadhitheraverner
I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

2 Responses to NRTs, heredity and eugenics

  1. Gay State Girl says:

    If society is required to support them including full time institutionalization and caretaking or unemployment benefits and housing for the less severely afflicted, than they have the right to lessen the burden. Autism costs the US taxpayer $137 billion annually and rarely do Autistic individuals provide anything in return. I think they have the right to cure them.

    • Huh? High-functioning autism, which is what the author was referring to, is arguably eugenic, not dysgenic. That’s why I posted the comment – its not that there’s ‘no such thing as a bad gene’, but where does objectivity slide into value judgements, and who gets to decide for everyone else?

      And the author of the comment makes the point that “If you have a disability its irresponsible to breed” or I wouldn’t have posted it here as a balanced perspective, or bolded that bit in the text.

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