A perfect storm… against America

This new article of Thomas Fleming’s says it all about the regime change in Libya, something that’s now long overdue in the USA itself (and here…).

The USA might have installed a new ruling elite, and the Libyans might have ‘their’ new central bank, but popular opinion over there is strongly against the USA and Israel.

How long will this regime last? Did the USA think Libya would become a new ally?

Reaping the Whirlwind
Thomas Fleming


“Naturally, our Libyan ally, whom the US and its allies put into power, would wish to minimize the involvement of Libyans in the murder of the US ambassador. Nonetheless, his opinion is confirmed by reporters who have interviewed protestors. Many of them have not seen or even heard of the movie, and they say they are motivated primarily by hatred of the US and Israel.

What else did President Obama and his Secretary of State expect? When Arab Spring erupted, wiser heads than the administration apparently has in its employ predicted the outcome: the overthrow of pragmatic dictators who had learned to be grateful the US–or at least to fear it–and a triumph for Islamist forces. If we can believe Hilary Clinton, she expected an upsurge of democracy and women’s rights. What she faces now is a dramatic rise in Islamic anti-Americanism. Of course, Clinton cannot admit the truth, because it would be an admission that her own foreign policy has been a disaster for US security.”

“The Obama administration, following McCain’s lead, is trying to deny or minimize foreign elements in the Benghazi attack that cost Chris Stevens his life. Benghazi has symbolic importance: it is the place where the Libyan Revolution began. But as early as last November, the Al Quaeda flag was raised, along with the flag of the Libyan rebels, over a Benghazi courthouse.

There are insane Muslims, as there are insane Christians and insane Jews, but the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have temporarily abandoned their daily lives to show their hatred of the United States are neither insane nor disgruntled film critics. They may not all watch CNN or read a newspaper, but they know that the US government has been regularly killing Muslim civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It’s different when we do it, of course, because we believe in democracy, human rights, and the liberation of women, but in the eyes of these poor benighted Muslims, a dead child is a dead child.”


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