Girls – avoid university, become a mummy instead

Here’s another comment for your interest, this time its about the futures of daughters and it was posted by ‘MKP’ over at The Spearhead.

I know which future I’d rather have, it’s better to be a first time mum at 14 than at 40, just be careful to sleep only with the right kind of men.

People who have kids in their early 20s or earlier, instead of partying and riding the cock carousel, end up happier in later life. You want to end up like the old bags in Sex and the City?


“I agree with everything you said, but especially the last paragraph. In fact, we’ve reached the strange point where an intelligent, forward thinking man might not even be that angry when his 17-year-old daughter comes home pregnant. Think about that – the catastrophic fear of every father for most of the past few generations, slowly turning into a better option than most others.

Sure, it might have been smarter to wait. Sure, she might have picked a dumb, irresponsible guy. But you never know – sometimes young men can show drive and discipline that might surprise you. And at any rate, she’s as least taken some step, however, crooked, toward forming a family and fulfilling the role of mother in a way that will make it the first priority of her life. And what exactly is she “giving up” by missing out on the college-party-slut scene?

What’s better – a daughter who comes home pregnant at 17, or a daughter who spends 10 years amassing worthless university degrees, another 10 years popping birth control pills, sleeping with random guys and working some meaningless job, and then wakes up at age 38 to realize that she will probably never have children?

Those might be our options. The nice happy medium – graduate high school, take 1-4 years to meet a nice guy, then get married and dedicate yourself to raising a family – is pretty much not something that’s even on most women’s radars.”


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16 Responses to Girls – avoid university, become a mummy instead

  1. Mister Deutch says:

    Bigger problem is finding real men who can support women at an early age and actually have a level of self-developed masculinity that they contribue something to the child’s upbringing.

    The destruction of masculinity is horrible for teenagers, as they most need a firm hand at that age.

    Notice how the Jewish media encourages talking back to ones parents.


  2. Gay State Girl says:

    I don’t think women are happier with children. Iv’e seen a downward spiral and staying home with your children wouldn’t be sufficient. You’d essentially have to raise them as hermits and deny them any contact with their peers or access to the media just to expect to be well behaved and gracious and I doubt that any women or men who are accustomed to the comforts of the modern world would be prepared to make the necessary adjustments.

    I don’t see why female PHD candidates can’t just donate their ovaries in return for tuition. It wouldn’t work in polarized America, but in comparatively homogenous East Asia or Scandinavia, it might be worth a try.

    I’m not terribly interested in children, and I don’t care if I never have any of my own, but I would be happy to donate my eggs to a family of my ethnic group, if I had a genius IQ, or a desirable talent.

    • How’s it a ‘downward spiral’? And yea, protecting kids from the media would be a good thing but most of a kids peers aren’t as bad as adults think. The kids who lead other kids into self-destructive behaviours like drinking and promiscuity, are the ones with nothing to do, kids with a hobby, even if its one society disapproves of, aren’t usually all that bad.

      Beyond that, wanting kids to be ‘well behaved and gracious’ is usually the perfectionism of spoilt brat parents, cause no kids ever going to be perfect. it reminds me of that unnatural Victorian shit about how children should be seen and not heard, when kids naturally have fun.

      Anyways, women who settle down and have kids early are certainly happier than Sex and the City types in their aging childlessness, and they’re less likely to abuse drink and antidepressants as they get older. Evolutionary psychology explains why women feel rewarded by motherhood, and why they feel over the hill if they don’t get a mate and kids before they’re old – and females (and males) who feel otherwise often have a personality disorder like schizoid or something that makes them feel averse to personal relationships, which doesn’t mean they won’t feel benefit from them if they tried.

      People self-deceive as to why they’d be bad parents – but its something they wouldn’t bother doing if the parental instincts were never there.

      • Gay State Girl says:

        It seems the MRM is becoming inextricably linked with social conservatism and liberatarianism and of course that obfuscates the whole mission.

        I’m a strong supporter of the MRM, but I am passionate enough about the foundations of the movement and have enough respect for the founding members that I would not want it to descend to a point in which it loses its meaning and the initial tenets were no longer relevant as it has come to encompass a variety of unrelated issues. There are a few people who I can still find common ground. I stand by my decision. I never desired a position of power or prestige, but I am passionate about my field (I’m a geological engineering student) and having children would inevitably present a new set of priorities that would drive me away from what I love best. I have no intention of drinking and riding the cock carousel. My never born children can sue me.

  3. Gay State Girl:

    Social conservatism as in traditional social mores is good, though individualistic Libertarianism isn’t.

    I could understand if you want to remain childless because of how the world is and looks to be going, but your argument that “having children would inevitably present a new set of priorities that would drive me away from what I love best” is only selfishness rooted in a sense of entitlement IMO.

    Maybe you’ll end up pregnant one day lol, and find you like being a mum. You don’t know if you’ll like it till life happens…

    Though I can understand the pessimistic arguments for antinatalism, sadly.

    • Gay State Girl says:

      Puppies can help fill the void. They’re sweeter than children as well.

    • Mr. Swiss Mister says:

      I don’t know … I grew up very lonely, having learned Latin and Greek at an early age and being very naturally contemplative/virtuous. I didn’t have an outlet in this sick society beyond reading all of the time and getting good grades.

      To have a kid today, its almost guaranteed that he/she will partially become a part of everything we (on the far right) hate.

      Its almost a demand that your child socially conforms and surrenders creativity/intelligence for the sake of being at the same level of others.


      • SM:

        I got good grades too but it didn’t do me no fuckin’ good, I’d rather get knocked up and looked after by a guy, its better for me. You know why I never went to uni, I don’t get on with adults and I hate student pricks and the whole left-leaning environment they encourage there, ugh. People we know who go there, people from our background, hate it and some of ’em drop out. What would university provide for me?

        Its kind of like my IQ is higher than average, but I don’t get any benefit out of it. Heck, I prefer to be round people less intelligent than myself, most high IQ people see reality as a dream world somehow, everything being so abstract to them, like reality can be explained away to fit ideas (psychologists describe these people as ‘clever sillies’). You know I don’t take stupidity very well, well to me education brainwashes people with stupid ideas and smart people tend to create those ridiculous ideas. Like “racism” and “sexism”, anti-intellectualism has a sound justification in psychology, the view from ‘up here’ as a bright myself is that Bruce Charlton and Satoshi Kanazawa are correct, and IQ is nothing to brag about in itself, only in conjunction with the right personality traits to minimise the damage it can cause.

        And don’t worry, without knowing it you’ve proved you’d be a great dad, just like my SO. He thinks similarly to us but he was great after that false alarm even though he’s younger.

        And get your Italian ass blogging, Nazi boy…

        One last thing, forums here yea or nay?

  4. Swiss Mister says:


    Forums aren’t a bad idea. I like this little site you have here.

    We all come to the far right for different reasons. For the two of us, we are opposites. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth with everything the world had to materially offer, not so for you as I gather.

    I actually like the working poor better than any other class in modernity. They are the only ones with a semblance of reality to their lives.

    • Yea I’m a chav lol, just a literate one.

      My SO is only slightly better off, we’re both from a low status background. That’s why it pisses me off when whites higher up look down at us, when we’re the ones have to put up with the real chav scum.

      If you want a forum, do you want to help staff it? If its a free forum we can’t have outright “racism” though, at least not in our public area. There’s no point starting a forum just to have it taken down.

      • Mister Swiss says:

        Keep your head up, angled towards the clouds.

        Thanks for the forum staff offer, but I’m not the best person for that. I use the internet as an escape from studying, nothing else.

  5. SM: Fuck studying, it doesn’t matter about studying cause it won’t matter to you if you flunk. You’ll never be one of them and if you ever do I’ll kill you for being a sellout. All I’m saying is you sound like studying is stress, but you won’t get anything out of it so why bother.

    I wish Charles Manson was around for people like us, he was an adult who cared for young people, someone to turn to, the things he said and the way of life he led were just awesome.

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