Christianity, atheism and feminism

In this piece by W.F. Price of The Spearhead explains why Cultural Marxists – the kind most likely to be radical atheists preaching the famous ‘secular agenda’ – aren’t genuine sceptics because they persist in clinging to a quasi-religious belief in socially approved, personally satisfying articles of faith, or ‘pretty lies’.

Like Germany’s most famous philosopher, F.W. Nietzsche, W.F. Price sets out to demonstrate the origins of today’s anti-Christian fundamentalism in theological make-believe: “Atheism is the rejection of religious fictions, but the entire premise of feminism is based on a religious fiction: equality.”

Several people have noticed that the radical left infiltrated and took over atheism, claiming to represent all atheists as they imposed a ridiculous, dualistic ‘church vs state’ paradigm and slammed the door on dissenting viewpoints about subjects like homosexuality, reproductive rights and, indeed, feminism. (Just compare the contents of the first and second versions of the Humanist Manifesto to see the difference for yourself.) For example, many people are surprised to hear that around a third of atheists are now anti-abortion, because this isn’t what the secular-left lobby wants people to hear.

Is the time now overdue for a wall to separate equality and the state?

The Inherent Conflict Between Atheism and Feminism
W.F. Price

“Today, that idea, which is a religious belief just like Transubstantiation and the Trinity, has become THE article of faith of the “secular” progressive West. Without it, the liberal democratic worldview collapses immediately.

Atheism and skepticism may be considered a common feature of the enlightened secular progressive, but if we are to be honest, there’s an inherent conflict between skepticism and this concept of equality, because it is in fact a religious belief.

So when feminists demand that skeptics and Atheists pay homage to equality, they are demanding that they make an act of faith, and believe in something that can’t be proven. It would be akin to Catholics saying “you know, you can keep calling yourselves skeptics, but you’re going to have to make a statement confirming the resurrection of Jesus Christ or we’re going to start doing really unpleasant things to you.” Actually, the feminists take a it a step farther, in that they demand not only that skeptics “believe” in what they want them to, but also that they stack their ranks with at least as many believers as skeptics.”


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  1. Aryan Master says:

    Sorry wrong video:

  2. Swissmister says:

    He’s an interesting kid (he’s only 16!). He’s pro-slavery.

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