Two perspectives on demographics

I’ve been reading Peter Frost’s old posts on Evo and Proud after trying to find the right one so I could send a link to someone, and another post caught my eye because Frost demonstrates the difference in perspective between two people of different backgrounds towards the same problem.

Likewise with his piece I linked to about China and the Ottoman Empire being ‘stalled’ – it was intuitive to me that most societies as organisms would have been better off had the west also been stalled long ago in some way. Its interesting that his choice of word seemed to imply a perception of the Turkish and Chinese as backwards due to some failiure to launch, when I intuitively recognised in the same data proof that the west began to collapse through the absence of equivalent, appropriate controls.

Reading this I was reminded of Napoleon’s observation that men will fight more for their interests than for their rights – why else would anyone treat the growth of ‘bare branches’ as a problem, if we’re now living under what Crowley referred to as a pig system? What exactly is in our present civilisation for someone like me? I can only assume that Peter Frost himself must be more of a beneficiary of the existing system than those agitated males with far less stake in society, young males from a background far closer to mine?

Why on earth would anyone bother to preserve or sustain something so odious as the modern west, like some life-support machine? Why would anyone attempt to fix the irreparable, when the hope of collapse, thorough cleansing, and rebirth exists just around the corner?

Where are the women?
Peter Frost

“So what is to be done? One problem is getting our intellectual and political elites to react. I suspect one reason they don’t is that many are beneficiaries of the existing system, i.e., older men who have remarried with younger women. Our elites are also generally committed to social libertarianism, this being now true as much for the political right as it is for the political left.

I used to be something of a libertarian. No longer. The sexual marketplace does not function like the marketplace of goods and services. Increasing the demand for young single women will not increase the supply. Nor will this market failure go away if “losers” attend special seminars or get special coaching. Nor will it go away on its own. This is a real problem and one that will likely get worse. Yes, if nothing is done we will have a society where marriage is unattainable for over one third of all men.

What would I recommend? First, if we’re going to extend the sex ratio at birth to the age of 50 and beyond, we should try to keep it as close to parity as possible. The least coercive way would be to pay surrogate mothers to have daughters who would then be put up for adoption. Given the number of people who wish to adopt, this would pose no problem. Is this playing God? Perhaps. But we began playing God by cutting male mortality to levels that had never before existed.

Second, we should tighten divorce laws. No-fault divorce would be allowed only when both spouses request it or when there are no children. Otherwise, one would have to show just cause and child custody would normally be split 50:50.

Third, polygynous men should be publicly identified. While polygyny itself would not be criminalized, the public would be free to discriminate against such men in employment and housing. Repeat offenders would be barred from most forms of social assistance. In this, the goal would be to return such men to the margins of society where they belong.

And if we do nothing? “Let them eat porn?” The social costs may be greater than we think. A surplus of single males tends to make societies less stable and more prone to violence (Pedersen, 1991). Such individuals are likelier to agitate for war or revolution, since they have little stake in the existing order. This is a subject that has attracted notice with the so-called ‘bare branches’ of China and India, yet similar regions of ‘bare branches’ are also becoming noticeable throughout the Western World, particularly outside major cities.

Don’t we know a song about what happens next, boys and girls?

“Until all is said and done
When the stream of blood has all yet run
When silent darkness covers this land
Of swallen rubble that once did stand
Now forever gone to the forgotten
No epitaph for all that was simply rotten.
” – Blood Axis, Storms of Steel

And nothing of value will be lost.

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I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

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