Shallow morality

I’ve found another great quote on the internet from white woman Alice Teller over at TOO.


“I do agree, very much, that we like to think of ourselves as moral, but we want it on the cheap. We want to be able to have free sex, abortion on demand, put our career ahead of our children, even abandon them to total strangers in daycare. We put our elders in nursing homes, knowing that there are many cases of abuse. Women, in particular, once had a clear responsibility beyond earning money. We have abandoned that responsibility, trying to delegate it to men, government, strangers, the tax payer and the school room. We refuse to examine the clear consequences of these choices BUT we want to think well of ourselves. So, we say the right things, demand others support the right causes, and wear the appropriate ribbon of the day to display our virtue. Yeah, we are way too moral. We no longer know the meaning of the word.

About skadhitheraverner
I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

One Response to Shallow morality

  1. DeutschLand Swiss says:

    We live in a society of arrested developed full of adolescents.

    We live in a world of hyper-moralized immorality. That is to say, a world where everyone follows a million codes of idiotic conduct, but no one practices virtue, the source of true morality and compassion.

    A world without consequences breeds adult teenagers.

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