Facts about Thatcher

Why is former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher now remembered as a conservative MP by so many people who were around at the time, when her views were actually liberal on so many things, especially social issues?

Why the Left should love Margaret Thatcher
Paul Abbott


“This woman is a progressive, a firebrand Member of Parliament: one of only a handful of MPs to support Leo Abse’s bid to legalise homosexuality, or to vote in favour of David Steel’s Bill to legalise abortion.”

“Her first act as Prime Minister, on her very first day in office, was to increase the wages of rank-and-file police officers. Over ten years, she raised NHS spending in real terms – up thirty-two percent. Social security spending – up thirty-two percent. Employment and training spending – up thirty-three percent. And she paid for it all with a ‘Robin Hood Tax’, by taxing North Sea Oil at ninety percent – something that is too left-wing these days even for the Labour party frontbench these days.”

“As Prime Minister, she toughened guideline sentencing for rape; put extra money into the NHS for tackling breast cancer and cervical cancer; and hugely expanded the numbers of women both in work, and at university.”


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7 Responses to Facts about Thatcher

  1. Mr. Duetsch says:

    … the Jews funded Reagan and Thatcher to systematically dismantle the working white class of England and America … in modern times, they are upheld as shining examples of patriotic, Hard Right politics.

    Did you know that Reagan was actually a homosexual, with communist affiliations?

    The masses worship their oppressors.

    I guarantee Obama will go down as one of the top 5 American President ever, for no other reason than the fact that he was half monkey, half human.

    • You’re right that they were presented as rightists/conservatives in the media when they were nothing of the sort, I’ve never heard that Reagan was a homosexual before though. Not that it matters who he fucked in bed though, just that he helped the Jews fuck America, but I’m curious anyway…

      American conservatives actually buy CDs of Ronald Reagan laughing WTF? He wasn’t even a good actor, then he got a record out…


      What astonishes me is that many paleocons actually believe Reagan was one of them, despite his amnesty for illegal aliens and many other things. Talk about rose-tinted spectacles…

    • I was reading this morning about Roe vs Wade, it turns out Reagan appointed at least two choicetard supreme judges and, worse still, he actually signed into law California’s liberal abortion law which made California a popular destination for abortion tourism years before Roe v. Wade. Besides my own view on that issue, this shows the stupidity of Republican ‘right to lifers’ who worship Reagan – Reagan was like a wind up toy that said anything his owner wanted him to, and he only said he was pro-life because the pro-abortion Jewish candidate Goldwater lost votes over his pro-choice stance. Reagan and Rockefeller, both big state Republican governors, both did more than anyone to promote abortion in the USA.

      The Republican supreme judges supported Roe vs Wade to keep women in the workforce as cheap labour, instead of supporting maternity leave for female employees and their children. The exact same desire for cheap labour is why they they’re now complicit in importing millions of Mexicans into the USA to replace whites, no wonder they weren’t concerned about the effect liberalised abortion has on our birth rates. (Remember that Reagan supported an amnesty for illegal immigrants too – is this a coincidence?)

      Remember this too – In the original Roe decision, 5 out of the 7 pro-Roe voters were in fact Republicans and later in the 1992 Casey decision, Republican appointees provided an astonishing 100% of the votes deciding to uphold the outcome of Roe vs Wade – a decision which had been written by a Republican, and voted in by mostly Republican justices.

      Right-to-life Christians who blame Adolf Hitler for abortion and say abortion is “racist” are idiots, because most racialists are against liberalised abortion. Reagan wasn’t, and those Republican supreme judges weren’t.

  2. Dr. Heinrich Deutsch says:

    Come back to Alt Right. By the way if you haven’t read Allan Bloom’s Closing of the American Mind I recommend it highly.

    Gives language to a lot of the soulless despair I feel as a young person.

    Capitalism ruined the west.

    • At least someone appreciates me lol.

      Don’t worry, I’ll be back, but tomorrow someone has to pick my up cousin at the airport cause no one else can make it there for her.

      With a bit of luck, she’ll have brought me some nice Thai ingredients too, she’s veggie too so I can trust her to have picked things I can eat.

      You keep quiet though lol, cause some people might think liking Thai food makes me a friggin’ race traitor…

  3. “Her first act as Prime Minister, on her very first day in office, was to increase the wages of rank-and-file police officers.” Well, considering that has been considered good-policy since the time of Caesar, it is not enough to spoil her for me.

    “Right-to-life Christians who blame Adolf Hitler for abortion and say abortion is “racist” are idiots, because most racialists are against liberalised abortion. Reagan wasn’t, and those Republican supreme judges weren’t.”

    They are trying to advance their position (which would be disastrous today) within the liberal, politically-correct framework of our time. Since nothing is more powerful in politically-correct society than the “race card”, anti-abortion activists do their best to try using it… but of course, they fail.

    They also fail to understand the relationship between the abortion debate and that on the death penalty. Some argue that abortion is responsible for a drop in street-crime, because the underclass has produced fewer kids. But with a widespread use of the death penalty, the same reduction would be seen through a reduction in the number of potential underclass fathers. The real question for society is whether we should protect the innocent at the expense of the guilty, or sacrifice the innocent to provide the guilty with a comfortable and secure existence. It goes without saying that to attempt both would be fiscally impossible.

    • I was actually banned from Life Site News for calling them out on using the race card. When it was pointed out to me that Margaret Sanger was racist and I got lectured how she wanted to abort black babies, I provided a quote to prove that she didn’t and I pointed out their inconsistency in joining with celebrity choicetards like Hillary Clinton against enforced abortions in China, although choicetards only care so much to detract attention from the murder of the babies and reroute moral outrage according to terms they set themselves (women’s reproductive ‘rights’). Life Site News don’t wan’t anything to do with pro-life racialists like dirty ol’ me, but working with people who support partial birth abortion, that’s fine to them.

      And yea, I pointed out that despite the alleged ‘conservatism’ of American blacks, as a group of voters they still overwhelmingly support the pro-choice Democrat candidates who throw them handouts, knowing full well how many ‘ugly black babies’ end up in the clinic waste bin at the hands of Desi doctors because of it – and that these black voters don’t care about white babies being aborted either, so long as they get handouts from the liberals for nothing.

      The comment that I started it with was my reply to a post about that Paki abortionist in America who made a comment about the ‘ugly black babies’ he killed, and I only asked whether there’d be such an anti-rascis’ uproar if he’d said it about white babies instead.

      The ‘right to life’ movement is obviously controlled opposition, like the way anti-immigration sentiment gets rerouted into dog-whistle anti-Islam lest people begin to consider the problem of immigration within a wider context of cultural counter-critique (especially one that’s racially aware and isn’t merely some kneejerk to minor cultural differences). The ‘right to lifers’ choose detractions like attacking stem cell research instead of going after abortion clinics and addressing the core of the problem – the choices women make, and how traditional social mores have become subverted. They most certainly make extra sure not to name feminism as an underlying problem or to condemn women who ‘need’ an abortion. Jesus saves baby killers who pray to him, but the same Saviour does nothing to help those who have been born barren and who did nothing wrong in the first place. This is why I’m not a Christian, I find the morality of Christ to be unfair and revolting.

      (Whether or not embryonic stem cell research is moral, is besides my point. What I’m pointing out is that the public are more likely to be against photos of dead children murdered 12 weeks after their conception, than disturbed by pictures of blastocysts. The ‘right to lifers’ make such a diversion on purpose.)

      And in any case the Freakonomics ‘abortion cuts crime’ argument you referred to was proven wrong but yea, there is inconsistency in the liberal position whilst there is only inconsistency in the conservative position (of being pro-life and supporting the death penalty) if the slogan of the right to life is followed to the letter. Whilst liberals tend to more genuinely believe that rights are inherent and unconditional, but rationalise away the interests of foetuses in order to preserve women’s reproductive ‘rights’. In practice they’re always getting round the inconsistencies in their own positions like that all the time, we all know that if your interests ever get in the way of their white knightin’ (for example if you’re involved in men’s rights, white advocacy etc) don’t expect your rights to be recognised.

      Anyways if you debate with liberals, keep striking at their weak points to make the cracks bigger.

      But in debate with so-called ‘conservatives’, its best to expose them as hot air by callin’ their bluff and mentioning how they let their opponents called the shots. When they ban you despite your not using trigger words like ‘nigger’, it proves your point against them.

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