Loony alert…

On the internet its only a matter of time before you attract a loony. For me its ‘Somnambulist’ over at AltRight, who’s made two posts mentioning only me!

Skadhi the Raverner is almost certainly a troll. I wasn’t so sure before, but now that she’s jumping to the defense of Middle-Eastern rapists, it’s pretty obvious that she’s just trolling for shits and giggles. Although there’s a more personal reason for that.

Anyone who is familiar with her from the Anthroscape forums will know that she’s dating a Middle-Easterner. I honestly don’t know why a wog-fetishist who is more concerned with Japanese children’s cartoons than with European culture is even associating with the ethno-nationalist sphere in the first place.

Actually I don’t post on forums, as they’re mostly circlejerks; I’m dating an English boy, who I won’t name; and I don’t even like anime all that much,(though yea, I do like things to do with Asian culture in general, from food to cinema and animation). Actually, I only use the avatar on Disqus of a character who stood out as having a personality similar to mine but still, isn’t it odd that someone sees anything suspicious, just because someone is using a Japan-related avatar?

One wonders about the mentality of ‘Somnambulist’ though… what on earth is wrong with liking Japanese cartoons? People should only watch British made cartoons?

The comment above shows whats wrong with British patriotism – paranoia, irrational conclusions (ie. mistaken identities) and fucked up beliefs (such as watching ‘Japanese children’s cartoons’ is to reject your own culture; presumably, it is also to reject your own culture if you eat curry. Or even fish and chips, don’t forget those potatos come from South America!).

Remember to stay away from anything outright anti-Moslem to the exclusion of all other issues, as its where the loonies are.

What’s the betting Somnambulist is associated with, or at least supportive of, the EDL or another controlled opposition movement?


About skadhitheraverner
I'm a young freelance writer from the UK, with an interest in anthropology, the outdoors and rightist politics.

7 Responses to Loony alert…

  1. Hearthweru says:

    It is amazing what connections some will form in their mind, and to what lengths some will go to demonize and reject out-of-hand those they disagree with.

    That, after all, is so much easier than debate.

    • True, if it were true its only important because they don’t have a leg to stand upon rationally. Though in this case, the individual in question was a relative hence the similar ancestry (we practice cousin marriage in our family), who likes what I say because its rebellious. But still the argument was still silly, one line of evidence was that they we’re both Satanists. Well, I’m not a Satanist lol… these anti-Moslem people are total nutcases. Without knowing it they’ve confirmed what I was saying, they’re just paranoid and irrational.

      Anyone reasonable can see I don’t advocate miscegenation with Pakis, or want race replacement or further immigration. I just see good in the Islamic culture and religion for their people. Likewise I praised ASLV and his authentic ‘Third Side’ thinking before, which is probably why these people think I’m a Satanist because that’s their black and white thinking at work, they actually think if you praise something you must automatically be a part of it. The word that best fits these people, is ‘unreason’.

      There is a psychological profile involved here with these people.

  2. Hearthweru says:

    Remember to stay away from anything outright anti-Moslem to the exclusion of all other issues, as its where the loonies are.

    Bingo. Usually this type of “anti-” person is being driven.

    • Are you suggesting that they’re all on the payroll of the you-know-whos? I think its more likely to be because of what Ted ‘Unabomber’ Kaczynski called the power process, their single issue activism gives them a surrogate activity. Because that’s their motivation, and not a wider understanding, it doesn’t matter to them if they take stances that defeat the original point they were making.

      • Hearthweru says:

        I think much anti-Islam activity is YKW driven or instigated. Having said that, I do not see YKW as omnipotent or behind every tree.

        While I did not have a statement as good as “power process”, I think that explains the majority of anti-Islam activity. Surrogate activity, I.E. “The Cause”, is very empowering.

        It’s not strictly PC, but still acceptable to be stridently anti-Islam. People can take a strong “stand” against it, while not taking too much flak. “Courage” in the face of non-risk is something that is easy to do and display.

        I’d like to see these folks take their anti-Islam protesting and “courage” to the alleys of Islamabad or Tehran or Egypt.

        Not likely.


  3. HW: Lets be fair to them, they might be idiots but most of these people don’t object to Islam in Islamabad, just in the UK.

    But yea, its possible to strong stand against Islam alone while not taking too much flak because it allows the same people to control both sides of the debate. And ‘their’ plan A assumed Islam in the west would inevitably disappear into some deracinated melting pot, but when that went wrong ‘they’ were sure to take advantage of both possible outcomes.

    I think its obvious a lot of what the EDL and other Gates of Vienna types say and do is ultimately controlled opposition, but I don’t necessarily mean that they were founded by Jews, its just that they’re manipulated to do the Jews’ dirty work. Whether anyone likes it or not, white activists in Britain have so far proven themselves impotent to fight the Cultural Marxist left, whose biggest threat has been from patriarchal Islam. A simple reality check will show that a Britain without Islam would at present maintain the current system, minus the people who scare the shit out of the Jewish left and the globalists the most – watch the government start censoring pro-whites then, cause pro-whites can’t defend ourselves.

    British mosques and homegrown terrorism are only the symptoms of race replacement, not the underlying problem. And even race replacement itself is only one part of the wider problem, so it can’t be considered alone, its just a tool they use for their own ends. (Some people sincerely believe that Jews want whites to go extinct altogether or to destroy all ethnic identities, but anyone can see from their actions that they really want a country where whites are just another minority and we all know why – “Lets you and him fight”.)

    I’m sick of Zionist flags over England, black ‘Britons’ calling themselves English (defined by not being Moslem), and people white knighting for feminists and homosexuals. I wouldn’t mind if all they were doing is pointing out that traditional British values are better for women or homosexuals than a potential Islamic future, but instead they’ve internalised too much liberal language and values.

    Bugger ’em!

  4. I’ve just discovered the manosphere bloggers have to put up with such nonsense too.

    Roissy/Chateau Heartiste: Exposed As A Manipulative Blogger?

    How old is Roissy/Heartiste? (50)

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