Ayn Rand as a useful laxative

The concept of libertarianism is nihilistic because, if you believe in tolerance for its own sake, then you believe in nothing. The good news is that for many people reading a nihilist such as Ayn Rand as she refutes all existing value systems, can purge the human mind of corruption like a strong laxative, and open it up to receive the possibility of alternative values. Many people have read Ayn Rand and become enlightened by her demolition of other people’s beliefs, but sadly some of these people actually take her ‘philosophy’ seriously.

What really happens isn’t that reading Objecivist philosophy in itself leads people to White Nationalism, but that Rand’s vicious assault on consensus values and priorities succeeds at creating cognitive dissonance in her readers even if they recognise Rand’s own philosophy to be silly.

But with that said, Rand’s concept of ‘a sense of life’ does prove that she really did have a strong grasp of human nature and I’m sure her understanding of people’s reactions is why her books make such an effective laxative.

A Sense of Life: Ayn Rand and White Nationalism
Gregory Hood



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11 Responses to Ayn Rand as a useful laxative

  1. Mr. John Deutsch says:

    Rand exalts ‘the self’ the same way Freudians do.

    The question remains that if a Freudian/Randian society truly existed with no class divisions, over than economic subsets, and no God or traditional limitation neurotically impinged upon the masses, what the hell would be the point of life?

    We can all be liberated to do what? Make money, consume, be ‘rational’!?

    Sounds like something a soulless/retarded lunatic would fancy. Oh wait, they’re Jews.

    • No it doesn’t appeal to me either, but at least we can share Rand’s resentment at society.

      If you go back to Homer, the Bronze Age Hellenes lacked a word for the ‘individual’ in the sense modern westerners take for granted and the cognitive shift was a disaster for Europe.

      When a society values the ‘individual’ it encourages the worst personality traits in individuals, but where it values traditional collectivism, and duty toward and sacrifice for the group, it encourages positive attitudes and behaviour. Just think of medieval knights, the samurai etc and ask what kind of men modern society produces. Are they worth thinking of as men at all? And what about women? Compare today’s women to the way the Aztecs venerated those who died in childbirth as equivalent to fallen warriors. Today’s ideal of a woman is either a blow up doll or a quasi-man, things are even worse for white females than they are for males.

      • Swiss Mister says:

        Modern people are just a homogenized mess. The Nietzschean option mixed in with occultism/Tradition is really the only way to deal with modernity.

        I agree that better quality, intelligent women are in a worse position.

    • Yea but from our perspective she’s not much different than a figure such as Rothbard, and she can be lumped in with them.

      • Joe Rebel says:

        The only difference is that at least Rothbard defended tribalism and ridiculed egalitarianism, whereas Rand rejected any type of collectivism (except for when it came to Israel).

      • Rothbard defended tribalism only as a means, and his mentalist thoughts about children demonstrate why individualism is incompatible with the functioning of a tribe.

        The difference is that Rand didn’t even believe her own philosophy, because she referred to her own circlejerk as a collective, whilst Rothbard was an ideological kook.

      • Joe Rebel says:

        Thats exactly why I’m not a libertarian. And yes, Rand was indeed a hypocrate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BkZt3nLTSd4

      • Yea, that’s what I was saying. Rand’s conscious hypocrisy is why its impossible to dismiss her as a nutcase, because her philosophy was designed perfectly to appeal to the ‘sense of life’ of her chosen audience, and it worked because her cult has persisted to influence people. Whatever any of us thinks of Rand, the things she wrote are perfectly rational if, instead of taking it at face value, you view it as manipulating people through her understanding of their ‘sense of life’. Whereas libertarians like Rothbard are simply silly, because such people believe their own shite.

      • Joe Rebel says:

        Like liberalism, libertarianism is just another ideology that ethno-nationalists and racial realists must compete against.

      • Yea but by calling their bluff and presenting ourselves correctly to different audiences, its possible to poach support from rival movements, like the NSDAP did.

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