She, mother nature, kind and cruel, is the boss

Topics include psychology, race and HBD, immigration and demography, positive eugenics, the rights of the indigenous majority, bioethics, history and anthropology with an emphasis on the physical anthropology and cultural traditions of the British, Irish and other peoples of Atlantic Europe.

My Disqus comments may be read online at this site

If you’re interested in my political views…

I’m for immigration control
I’m strongly anti-abortion except for extremely rare humane reasons
I support labor rights and the rehabilitation of disadvantaged white communities
I generally support men’s rights especially father’s rights
I think adoption within the UK should be made easier
I’m in favour of sterilising addicts and people with the most serious congenital defects
I support trade protectionism and controls over banks and corporations
I oppose our membership in organisations like the EU and the UN
I’m against animal cruelty
I support lowering the ages of marriage and sexual consent
I’m concerned about our natural environment and our cultural heritage
I’m against binge drinking culture
I support medicinal cannabis
I’m indifferent to other people’s sex lives, porn and their recreational use of soft drugs
I want to end hate speech laws and affirmative action


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